Suffia Khanan Creative Director

I have worked in the design industry for over 20 years and during that time gained extensive experience working for a number of great creative agencies in Bristol, London and San Francisco.

I have since worked as an independent creative since 2015.

I work in all areas of graphic design and communication from client services and account management through to creative direction, brand strategy, art direction and design.

I have worked on several brand identities, creating not only the brand marque, but also extensive brand language and working within that to create cohesive collateral, covering print and online.

I often work with a small group of creatives who’s different talents and skills keeps every project on brief, relevant and fresh, but also means the right designer works on a job that compliments their skill set. The result is a collaborative approach which not only benefits the client but also the whole creative team. Working this way keeps me engaged and I feel I’m always learning through my work with great people to produce relevant creative communications.